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About Talathoti Prithvi Raj

Dr.TALATHOTI PRITHVI RAJ Dr Talathoti Prithvi Raj, M.A., Ph.D., lecturer in Telugu, A.M.A.L.College, Anakapalle justly deserves high praise for his laudable endeavours in making the special genre of Haiku more popular in Telugu and also for his keen enthusiasm in innating a band young men who manifest an unfailing instinct for poetry writing. Dr. Talathoti Prithvi Raj has been a born poet and his poems as juveinile exercises even from his fifteenth year appeared in some of Telugu some of Telugu jounals. He has to his credit the following words published between 1997 and 2003. They are: I) Critical works; 1. Athreya Nataka Sahityam - Sambhashanalu, 2. Manasu Kavi, 3. Athreya Cinema Sambhashanalu - Oka Pariseelana, for which he was awarded Ph.D. in the year 2000 by Andhra University. I) The Anthology of Poems: 1) Nalla Doralu, 2) Manishi. III) Poetic Definitions: 1) Manishilo... Very early in life Dr. Talathoti Prithvi Raj developed a special love for the genre of Haiku - a genre which had its birth in Japan - and he has been doing a praise worthy service in writing Haiku and making it very popular in his native tongue of Telugu. He has published sofar no less than 7 volumes of Haiku which have been greatly appreciated by the lovers of the poetry. Some of the titles of his publications are, 1) Vennela, 2) Chinukulu, 3) Vasantham, 4)Rojuko Suryudu, 5) Neelakasam, 6) Ruthu Bhramanam 7) Chandra Kireeti, 8) Kavitalathoti,besides these volumes he has also written 3 other books in three other genres namely 9) Prithvi Photo Haiku, 10) Prithvi Senryu 11) Prithvi Tanka and 12) Adugulu He has passed through the pangs of Travails in giving a proper shape to The Indian Haiku Club and these effords on his part clearly reflects his earnest interest in his particular genre. He has initiated some young talented people into writing Haiku, thus trying to bring Haiku into vogue. In this connection it may well be mentioned that an Anthology of Haiku contributed poets of different temperments, is being brought out every year. In 2001, 2002 and 2004 Nelavanka ,Sambodhi and Aratikuteeram have been respectively published. Besides these efforts, a monthly magazine is being published with a view to encourage talents to contribute Haiku to this magazine inviting them different regional languages. Prithvi has the following proposals to realise in the near future. i) To hold seminars on Haiku, Senryu and Tanka at regular intervals. ii) A literary discussion every month on a noted Haiku poem irrespective of nationality. iii) To honour a Haku poet annually who ever is adjudged the best with a cash prize. Haiku, the smallest literary Japanese genre has been very popular all world over. It exercises a great fascination on the minds of young poetic talents of every land and language. Haiku has a special function; it describes, in the main, the seasons of the year, although it embraces subjects of varied interests. Stictly speaking , a Haiku should consist of only 17 syllables erranged in 3 lines, 5-7-5respectively. Shiki, the 19th century Japanese poet admits, a range of Haiku from 15 to 25 syllables. Every good Haku must be a sudden flash of insight revealing sum unexpected aspect of human life. In the vast corpus of Dr. Prithvi Raj’s Haiku are revealed an infinite variety of Kaleidoscopic moods, reflections and observations on life and things. They are characterised by a spontaniety of expression, felicity of phrase and sudden flash of insight. Most of his Haiku admit of interpretation on different levels. To quote a few of his Haiku; The Autumn flows off All flowers down to dusty earth - A flash in the dark sky. In this Haiku there is a concealed metaphor during the Autumn season. The sky is overcast with dark clouds and the stars are hid behind them. Here the comparison is between the stars and fallen flowers. The tree though barren Yields shade; though it gives no shade Beauty it doth shed! In this Haiku reveals the poets deep love of Nature, in whatever form it is. The frogs in the well Their comrade is the tortoise Besides them The Moon. In this Haiku the poet presents a realistic picture a graphic manner. Thus we find many a Haiku with deep reflection on social, romantic and philosophical matters. The poet ardently hopes that this Haiku will certainly delight the reader and inspire him inturn to write Haiku making this genre more popular than it has ever been. I heartily wish Dr. Prithvi Raj that all his genuine efforts in this direction may will be crowned with grand success. - S.Ramu,Anakapalle,25-04-2010 Dr.TALATHOTI PRITHVI RAJ Dr.Talathoti Prtihvi Raj has a special name & fame, in modern literary trend in Telugu poetry. Haiku are new type of poetic expressions, which conveys, bundle of meaning & thoughts with limited, words. The economy of using words in making the poetry a great significant is the characteristic of Haiku, for which Dr.Talathoti Prithvi Raj is remembered for ever. Haiku indeed has become his sir name. He loved, followed & disseminated haiku in the hearts of Telugu people. Not being content of his literary Pleasure & thrust, he founded Indian Haiku Club, a literary and cultural organization; and published number of books on Haiku. He started monthly magazine on Haiku. Inspiring many young poets to write Haiku and them published. I) Birth, Origin & Education: Born to Smt Samrajyam & Satyanandam, of Kavali, in Nellore District on 6th July 1970. Dr.Prithvi did his primary education in Ravindra Bharathi public school in Addanki. He laid his foundation in primary education under guidance of his beloved teacher Sri Maddulati Master. He prosecuted his higher schooling in prakasam Boys School,Addanki. After completion of 6th standard education in his native place, Tubadu village, of Guntur. All his child-hood memories are raw material that have given a shape his Haiku poetry. While during his graduation in Literature in Loyola College, Vijayawada and he drew the inspiration from his guru Dr.Gumma Sambhasiva Rao and after words did his M.A.(Telugu Lecturer)in Central University, Hyderabad. His intellectual aspriration toward, did literature is catalyzed by the U.G.C. fellowship and complited Ph.D success fully in Andhra university, Visakhapatnam. Under guidance of Prof Parvataneni Subba Rao he produced a thesis on his favorite cine writer and famous lyricist Acharya Athreya. The thesis is titled as “Athreya Cinema sambhashnalu-Oka pariseelana” (A critical analytical review on the cinema scripts of Acharya Athreya) The award of Ph.D for his thesis was passed on by the Governor Sri Ranga Rajan in 2000. This thesis written by Dr.Talathoti Prithvi Raj had attained a special significance as it is first of its king, on the eminent script writer Acharya Athreya. Acharya Athreya, is known as compendium of dialogues in the field of script writing. His thesis attracted the attention & received the applause & appreciations of many eminent persons of Telugu film industry like late Sri Kongara Jagayya, Late Sri D.V.Narasa Raju, Late Bollimuntha Srivarama Krishna, Late Sri Gummadi Venkateswara Rao, Dr.D.Rama Naidu, Sri J.K.Bharavi,Sri Akella, Sri Diwakara Babu, Sri Tanikella Bharani and Smt Padmavathi Athreya. 2) Employment: Soon after he received his Ph.D,in 2000, he secured job in A.M.A.L.Colleg- Anakapalli as a Telugu Lecturer, by his intellectual and meritorious stand. Since then, he is serving as a lecturer and as a man of noble profession. He participated, in many National & State level seminars, and presented papers on Telugu Literature. 3) As a Poet: His Creativity in poetry began springing & sprouting out from X standard on words. The then standard weakly magazine Andhra Sachithra Varapathrika got the credit of having published his first poetic art with that impieties & inspiration, his creative writing picked up fast pace and produced number of poems, short stories, cartoons etc. Dr.T.Prithvi Raj, when he is doing his B.A. Literature in Andhra Loyola College, Vijayawada, got inspired as paragingly 7 prompted by his Lecturer Dr.Gumma Sambhasiva Rao, resumed his creative writings. Yuva Bharathi programme of All India Radio, Vijayawada, Broadcasted his literary writings. The then weekly magazine MAYURI published some of his creative literary works. Allured and taken a fancy to cine field, he fried his luck as lyric writer, bat on being advised disparagingly by some elders in the field. Later after completion of his Ph.D many as 2000 Haiku were given expression in the form of Greetings “Kolanu pulakinchindi Pyragali Sparsaku” “Gaddi Poochanu Muddade Himabinduvu” “Sigguto Zarukundi Sureedu Choopuki” is the first Haiku sproited from his poetic heart and showered meon light in the field of Telugu Literature. Childhood memories were given expressions in Haiku. Vennela, Chinukulu, Vasantham, Rojuko Suryudu, Neelaakaasam, Kaluvalu, Chandra kireeti, Ruthubrahmanam are some of his Haiku Books, came in a edition and Prithvi Senryu,Prithvi Tankalu,Prithvi Photo Haiku are name of other haiku books. That brusht him name and fame. Acharya Athreya literary works MANASUKAVI,MANISHI,MANISHILO, NALLADORALU, ADUGULU are the some of his books, presents literary critics of Modern poetry. 4) As a Compiler: Nelavanka,Sambodhi, Aratikuteeram are his three editions compiled by him 5)As an Editor: For some time he is editor of Haiku Monthly magazine and other magazine Samveekshana 6) Reviews: Received many books on poetry and had a recognition as a good reviewer 7) As a Literary Speaker: Spoken on many aspects of poetry, like Naanee, Haiku, Mini poetry etc, on many occasions organized by various literary organizations. Presented his speeches on various aspects of literature, by power point presentation 8) Foreword: Many books, are highlighted by his foreword. 9) Man behind Audio/Video C.D. making on some literary aspects various literary programmes were made in to Audio & Video forms, by Dr.T.Prithvi Raj about 200 (Audio/Video)C.D.s are made to his credit. 10) A painter in Poet: he painted to various, poetic expressions and designed the cover pages to poetry books. 11) A good cartoonist: He has drawn cartoons to various literary aspects. 12) Founder of Indian haiku Club: As many as 70 literary Programmes were organized by the Indian Haiku Club. Which was founded by Dr.Talathoti Prithvi Raj in 2002. Literary programmes for organized with eminent writer, poets, like Dr.Ravuri Bhardwaja, Dr.N.Gopi, S.Siva Reddy, Prof.Tangirala Venkata Subba Rao, Sri Jwala mukhi, Prof.Kovela Suprasanna Charya, Dr.Addepalli Rama Mohan Rao, Peddibotla Subbaramayya, Dr.Endluri Sudhakar, Dr.Dwana Sasthri, Dr.Kadiyala Rama Mohan Roy,V.A.K.Ranga Rao,Chalasani Prasad, Sri Ichapurapu Ramachandram, Dr.Rentala Dr.Prithvi Raj successfully organized all these programmes as a president of Indian Haiku Club he organized conferences on American Haiku poets Minerva T. Bloom & Paul David Mena 13) Convener of National Level Haiku Seminar on Haiku: At national Level he organized a seminar on Haiku on 28 may 2006, besides this he had given participation in National seminars and made paper presentations. 14) Founder of Athreya Sahithee Sravanthi: Dr.Talathoti Prithvi Raj Established and founded a Athreya Sahithee Sravanthi;in the name of great script writer, and lyricist writer Acharya Athreya. This organization is auxiliary unit to INDIAN HAIKU CLUB. Every year Prithvi Raj conducts Athreya Vardhanthi&jayanthi saabhas and through he ananses . Athreya Puraskar Awards. So for cine lyricists Sri Gurucharan,Jaladi were the eminent persons received the sahithee puraskar 15) Other scores & Awards: The main purpose of establishing Indian Haiku Club, is to know the eminent persons in the field of literature and to encourage the youngsters who are upcoming in the Literary field. Haiku Award and Naanee awards,Prof.Rokka Radhakrishna Sahithee Puraskaram,Prof.J.M.Naidu Sahithee Puraskaram,Ugadi sahithee Puraskaram,Sankranthi Sahithee Puraskaram are same of awards established in name of great personalities and the awards would be presented to deserving candidates. Sri K.Sivareddy,Dr.N.Gopi the persons confirmed with KAVITHAPRAPOORNA title ny the Haiku Club. Folk lyricist Sri Jaladi, was honoured with JANAPADA SIROMANI title 16) Recipient of Haiku Award: Andhra Saraswatha Samithi of Machilipatnam awarded Haiku Sahithee Puraskaram and prize money of Rs.2000/-to Dr.T.Prithvi Raj and such honours , awards were plenty in his career.